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Africa Insurance Company engages itself in all classes of general insurance. Its business dealings are tailored to meet the needs of its esteemed clients.


Motor Insurance

It is a type of insurance essential to motor vehicles. Type of covers under motor insurance are Comprehensive,Third party, Third party + Fire,Third party + Theft,Third party + Fire + Theft'Motor Trade

Fire Insurance
This insurance covers destruction of a building with or without its content by fire arising from different cases.
Marine Hull Insurance is required for a vessel.Marine cargo Insurance is for goods which are in transit by Vessel or land.
Marine Hull & Cargo
Air Cargo
Air cargo Insurance is for goods which are in transit by air, cargo.
Air Cargo
Workmen compensation
It is a type of liability insurance, the employer insured against accident occurs on his employees during working hours.
Workmens Compensation
Personal Group
It is a type of liability insurance the employer insured against accident occur on his employees at any time.
Personal and Group Accident
It is crucial for a person who has bank transaction i.e. incase a theft happen in the process of withdrawing and depositing money.
Plate Glass insurance is a type of cover for plate glasses of a building.
Plate Glass
Type of insurance which is essential for people who are involved in construction business.For earthmoving machinesand building which is going to be constructed, etc...
Computer insurance is a type of cover for Coputers and their accessories.
Fidelity Guarantee


It essential for employers that work with cashiers. In case a theft or fraud happens by the cashier during the period of insurance.

Burglary and House breaking


It is a type of insurance for a property lost by theft following upon actual forcible and violent breaking of a building.

Public Liability


This insurance covers damage of a person which occurs in the insured's premises. Example if a person fails down in the premises.

Domestic Package


It has one policy which covers all types of damages against the insured. Example damage on the car, fire and theft for the building, workmens' compensation, etc...

Currently, the Company carries out transactions of all types of insurance policies : In August 1998 the Company expanded its services to include Life Assurance in its coverage. Today, AIC provides insurance covering Life, Property and Liability Risks. AIC also provides valuable advice to its corporate clients by extending risk audit and control services. In addition to the above mentioned, it also offers advice regarding Industrial Safety and Motor Fleet Management.

you are in good hands Africa Insurance

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